Dec 13, 2007

Sitting in the library

Sitting in the library
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I forgot to post this one up, so I'm doing it with my iPhone from the library while Evan is on the computer and Keegan plays with a really big word block puzzle.

This iPhone shot is from a couple of days ago, we were at the new Whole Foods which has just opened in Sugar Land and on the way out I got asked if they could interview me. I said sure and five minutes later I had given my thoughts on the new supermarket. Turns out it was a local station and a friend in Sugar Land told me he saw us on the news; apparently Evan got way more coverage than I did, probably because he has more interesting things to say. ;-)

I stayed up real late that night to catch the late edition but passed out on the couch waiting for the piece.

Another friend in Canada thinks I should run for the position of Sugar Land mayor, I'm thinking about it, haha.


John said...

Cameraman says:

Here ya go Evan this is the secret "kids card" to get all the candy you like, put it in your pocket.

The lady over my shoulder is linking it to your Dad's grown up credit card right now while he swipes it. It's fun to goof with Dad so don't tell's our little secret.

Shaun Taylor said...

I knew those Whole Food's guys were up to something.