Dec 25, 2007

Xmas day

Well you will all have to wait for the wrapping paper explosion photos for a couple of days until I process them. For now it's a couple of random and quick iPhone snaps.

The day started off with excited boys running around with various pieces of wrapping paper flying through the air. I know this day isn't supposed to be all about presents for kids but it sure is a pleasure watching their happy little faces as they tear into a package with gleeful anticipation. I'm not sure what the most exciting toy was as they sure seemed happy with everything they got.

Soon enough the morning started approaching noon and I was ready to hook up with the boys at the bike shop to get some road miles in. Perfect day, sunny and blue sky with 65 degrees and not too much wind. We only rode 20 miles at tempo-ish pace with a handful of decent little sprint efforts sprinkled in, it was just over an hour later that we were unclipping and smiling.

During the ride I invited Liam over for some of the bird, his family is out of state and being a Boston-lad and a turkey-lover he was an easy sell. Liam represented Boston like a champ; two big plate-fulls, some espresso and hot fruit cobbler with ice cream. Dinner was excellent and the salt dry-rubbed turkey was deelish - Doreen put together a fantastic feast. I'm thinking tomorrow will have Liam on a big run/swim/ride day as he most certainly managed to max-out his glycogen storage. ;-)

After dinner Doreen and Ruth were mapping out a strategy for their Boxing Day bargain shopping at various malls. It's sure to be shopping crowds insanity. I'm a big fan of Internet bargain shopping personally; no crowds, no traffic, easy parking found in my armchair. But the girls have had the Boxing Day shopping tradition going for a few years now, it should be interesting to hear how Houston shopping madness compares to Red Deer shopping madness.

Now that it's later in the evening and the toy excitement has settled down a little bit, one of the toys the fellas got which is getting a lot of play is a little train table where they can setup various train tracks and such. Keegan really is a big fan of trains. Evan really liked trains when he was Keegan's age, and now it's Keegan that is really attached to his little model trains. His favorite's are Thomas and Mavis. If you don't know Thomas or Mavis don't worry about it, it just means you don't have kids yet. ;-)

Lots to eat, lots of gifts, the luxury of a relaxing day.

It was a good family and friends day and for that I give thanks.