Jan 31, 2008

Coffee close-up

Half a latteI was sipping away at this four ouncer and noticed the latte art hanging around in the cup and took a photo right away.

Taken from the tripod, with quite a long shutter speed, you can see the foam sliding down on the right hand side of the mug. Look real close. ;-)

The two beans you see below are part of a 2.5 day old roast of the Brazil Cachoeira De Grama, a CoE finalist. I used these beans to pull the shot that went into the four ouncer you just looked at. It pulls nicely as a single origin shot. Sweet through the milk. Yum!



Liam O'Connell said...

ok dude seriously
where are you?

have the canadian authorities found you?

did the ira kidnap you?

you left for ireland and dissapeared w/o a trace?

Shaun Taylor said...


No you!

I was in the shop today asking about you, I thought you might have swallowed a bit of bad salt water while doing you thing.

Haven't been able to shop ride with the Doreen in India for the last two weeks, she just got back, just in time for me to go race a 12hr solo on Saturday and road race on Sunday.

Do you ride your bike anymore??? ;-)