Jan 30, 2008

Farmers market eggs


Here's an image of the farmer's market eggs I picked up a few days ago. What's the big deal? The big deal is free range chicken's eating grass and bugs, these eggs not only look different but they are noticeably tastier than your standard issue generic big-supermarket eggs. You know, those generic eggs that come from corn fed birds crammed together with 2,000 other birds in a small tin shack. Don't believe they taste different? Go to a farmer's market and find the guy with the straw hat and an honest smile, if his birds get to eat grass and bugs you'll taste the difference.


Caught this one last night after Keegan passed out from drinking some hot chocolate. Just before he passed out he declared "I want some pizza dad", 30 seconds later he was chin on the table.

He's still a bit crusty but feeling better and better each day and is almost back to his normal cheery self. He passed out at 2000hrs last night and slept nearly 11hrs - wow!

Might have had something to do with running around like a maniac at the YMCA. ;-)

Here's another shot from this morning. A three bean blend I roasted up a few days ago.

Told you, it's gonna be macro-ville for a while...