Jan 17, 2008

Joining the YMCA

DSC_6413-Evan-jumping-with-Doreen was keen to sign up as a family at the YMCA. It's less than 10mins from our house and conveniently close to my bike shop - Sugar Cycles. It was a good decision, I've had the boys there during a couple of afternoons so they can kick soccer balls or throw basketballs around in one of the several gym's housed within "The Y". Last night we went as a family to a spin class, the boys get to hang out with other kids in a playroom-like setting with lots of books, toys and such; you drop them off with dedicated Y-babysitters... perfect. Doreen and I got to head down the corridor to a spin class and hammer it for 60mins in a dark room with loud music, a very amped-up instructor and 20 other suffering attendees. My heart rate was over the top, loved it! Doreen really enjoyed it as well so we are for sure hitting that class again.

It turns out I wasn't the only one with a fast heart rate at The Y. During one of the afternoon sessions with the boys, Evan had put in a lot of running and kicking a soccer ball, he later informed me as we were getting ready to leave that his hair was leaking. Ehrmmm, that would be sweat son - get used to it. ;-)

On one of the visits I took my D200. Taking good digital photos in a gymnasium is difficult. The lighting is poor, particularly without a flash. I was just hand-holding so capturing speed and trying to maintain a lowish ISO makes for tough times. These two were shot at ISO 800 and a shutter speed of 200-250 and aperture at f/2.8. Not too bad but it's time to start scratching my head and figuring out how to start getting better indoor sports shots, particularly if I want to get a deeper DoF. Maybe our boys will never play indoors? ;-)

I never shoot with a tripod but Doreen wants more family shots - with the four of us - and since I'm always behind the camera it's time to get a tripod I guess. Probably a good idea, some of my handhelds have turned out ok, but I know they could be a lot crisper with a good tripod.

And on that note, here's a not-so-shaky shot of Evan, caught in mid-air, having just run at maximum speed across the gym and really given the boot to an unsuspecting soccer ball. Nice one son!



Anonymous said...

Leaky hair might be a new condition for future medical books. Good for Evan! RD