Jan 2, 2008

Morning four ounces

Here's the lovely little four ouncer from this morning. Sorry about the slightly out of focus image, I got the iPhone just a little too close it seems.

A good coffee morning; the SO Likempti, the Impanema blend and tah dah... the SO Kenyan Gethumbwini Peaberry - wow!

The Kenyan Peaberry was unbelievable. The blackcurrant cassis/blackberry nose with the same associated flavors and at only two days post-roast. I want to pull it as a straight shot tomorrow but it was so fantastic in milk, a dilemma. I sense tomorrow's shot will be a much more developed and deeper reflection of what the Peaberry has to offer.

Now for the interesting part... After the second sip of the SO Kenyan I was hit with a strong wave of blackberry notes and immediately transported back to my early childhood in England where I would pick these same ripe berries on an old deserted train track near my house. It's funny really, that was about 37yrs ago and I had completely forgotten about that moment in time until this morning when I had that sip - my memory of that youthful time is of a sunny summer day, not a care in the world, enjoying a bountiful crop of wild blackberries along a railway track near a train bridge - strange that in a simple sip of espresso it all came flooding back. An interesting experience.