Jan 1, 2008

Train conductor

Keegan is under the weather with a cold. Throughout the day there's a small river running under his nose (charming). He's got a pretty crusty attitude when he's sick but trains still make him happy. Bring on the trains.

Good coffee this morning with John, I was pulling shots of the Impanema dry and wet processed blend and a single origin Likempti shot later on. Both really great in small milk right now, really coming in to their own on six days post-roast.

This afternoon I hooked up with some boys to do a fairly aggressive ride from Memorial Park, the ride took in a couple of loops on the "Death Ride" - I didn't make that name up, that's the name of the loop. Speaking of death ride, we were riding through a rough looking barrio area and had just stopped at a stop sign to look left and right, simultaneously five local lads came screaming around the corner in a big Dodge truck, brakes fully locked up heading into the corner that we were stopped at. Wheels chattering as it skipped across the asphalt trying to stop in a sideways skid, the truck came to a halt about three feet in front of us. Interesting. A bit of a face-off with five skinny white guys in lycra straddling carbon fiber road bikes staring at five young Mexican lads wearing hoodies and attitudes with open windows. Everyone shaking their heads in disbelief that it had just happened. We all clipped in and rolled off, I overheard a guy in the back seat say "Those are some luck &*&#^*% *&#^%^&". Yup, I burned one of my nine lives on that one. Not a big deal though, I ran out of nine lives about 1327 lives ago. ;-)