Since I'm on a blogging roll, I figured I should put up some images of the boys from today that I took as we walked over to the library. At 75 degrees it's perfect t-shirt weather. So nice!

In an hour or so we are heading on over to "The Y" so we can throw basketballs around, once they are good and tired I can hit a spin-class while the fellas play with the other kids in the kids room.

Here's a decent no-crop and small post processing shot of Evan.


Another no crop and small post processing shot of Keegan being charming.


This last one also has no cropping and if you can imagine hearing the words "C'mon dad, we have to get to the library!". I think this was actually the "a" in dad. ;-)



Anonymous said...

great shots..RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Ruth. Tell George I got his email, I've just been scrambling to keep these two kids sorted out while Doreen is away and I will get around to replying.