Jan 28, 2008

Winter in Sugar Land

We had a bit of a "cold weather" spell here for the last week. Some rain and temps dropping into the low-40's, gasp! Unfortunately, a friend came down from Calgary to ride for just over a week, the goal to get in some long slow distance, not the best timing. Yesterday and today it's back into the low-70's, phew! The boys were having fun at the park trying to see who could climb highest on one of the structures. Nice to do it in warm sunshine.

This week Doreen comes back from India after nearly two weeks away. Keegan was sick for most of it. With only me to look after the boys my riding has suffered somewhat, I'm sure I'll be cursing that fact this Saturday when I'm racing a 12hr solo mountain bike race and then a road race on Sunday. ;-)

And just to make sure all the bases (kids, cycling and coffee) are covered, I'll leave off from this brief post with a couple of images of my most recent green beans.

The first one is Nicaraguan Segovia roasted three days ago. Roasted for pour over it is good, nice peppery notes. An interesting mottled appearance.


This other image is Fazenda Cachoeira De Grama a CoE finalist. This one is only just out of the roaster 10 minutes prior. Roasted for espresso it is a really well balanced and very sweet shot.



bob_ward said...

Certainly compares with the -48 Celcius we getting here in Calgary!

Shaun Taylor said...


Its currently 73 degrees here.

Charley Rome said...

Missed you at Comfort. You headed to Lajitas in three weeks?

Shaun Taylor said...

Wish I could have been there but with Doreen out of the country it would have been hard to race Comfort and look after the kids as well. ;-)

I'm on for the 12hrs of Warda this weekend and then it's Lajitas in three weeks. Are you heading out there? The drive is going to be brutal but I've heard so many good things about it.

Charley Rome said...

Three of my teammates and I are headed out to Lajitas for the race. The drive is long. I've made it over a dozen times. However, the desert is very pretty, and the stars at night are amazing? Email me at charleyrome@cox.net and I can tell you some more stuff about the Big Bend area.