Feb 25, 2008

An evening at the park


Yesterday evening we headed over to Memorial Park, here in Sugar Land. We took the boys bikes so they could do some "Mountain Biking" in the setting sun. ;-)

While the boys were whipping around with Doreen, I was grabbing some pretty cool images. Ok, my tastes are eclectic - from tall grass and sunsets to latte art and wind-whipped desert landscapes, yes, I have some unusual interests...


As the sun spread it's last rays across the sky I was lucky enough to capture this shot. I had to try a few different spots on the lake to get exactly what I wanted and I'm happy with the way it turned out.


Some of the last images I took on the tripod at the end of the night are my favorites. This is the best example of the last series. It's a no-crop with minor post-processing and I really, really like it. If you look carefully you can see small ripples caused by bugs landing on the water. Of course my original file looks better, still, after resizing and .jpg compression this image shows well online.