Feb 14, 2008



- 1 x bottle of kids non-toxic craft glue

- 1 x nearly three year old

- 1 x hair, arms, legs, floor and assorted leather furniture


Upon exiting the shower and still shaking water out of my ear imagine my surprise when I witnessed the glue devastation. It was still dripping in some places.

That glue was matted in Keegan's hair and wasn't going to come out easy. Time to break out the glue-solution. Much better. ;-)


The little bald spot looks much worse in this image than it actually is. Anyway, what does he care, he won't start dating for, uhmmm, I don't even want to think about it...


baacat said...

how did he get the glue in the first place, were you on the guiness :-)

Shaun Taylor said...

My jaw was hanging when I saw his little peanut-head. We were doing some arts and crafts stuff the night before and I guess he had so much fun he just wanted to have a glue party tje next morning. Little monkey. Probably gets it from his Uncle Brian. ;-)