Costs? What costs?

Well at least $220 worth of costs. That's how much you have to pay when you buy a new wedding ring because the one you have been wearing for the last few years manages to drop off your finger. Yup, I'm a little bit leaner now than I was back in the day.

As I was getting ready to go to bed a few weeks ago (just after my last 12hr race) I noticed that my wedding band was missing. Not missing in the sense of I took it off and misplaced it, because I'm not in the habit of taking it off. It had simply dropped off and that was the end of it, not to be seen again. I think the ring came off earlier that evening as I was lifting one of the boys out of the vehicle while we were parked in an underground parking lot. Worse than losing a favorite pen that's for sure.

After a lot of looking and hoping it would turn up, I eventually gave up and realized it was time to replace it. And here in all of it's shiniest and non-scuffed glory is the winning contestant in the Standard Issue Men's Wedding Band competition.


A pretty cool image I think, considering I had to take the shot one-handed. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to hold my left hand out while looking at it through the eyepiece and then move my hand back and forth to adjust the focus, then squeeze off the shot without twisting the camera. With a big lens on the D200 it isn't exactly a point and shoot so it was pretty tricky. Am I the only one camera-nerdy enough to be impressed by the very cool light balance I achieved in order to capture the reflection off the ring - you can see me holding the camera and taking the shot - cool!

Cooooooooolllllllll... ;-)

I think this ring shot should be titled "Me capturing an image of me, while me captures an image of me". Think about it. And for all those keen-eyed observers out there, maybe you can have a go at figuring out what time the big clock on the wall says.

Ninfas Mexican dinnerDoreen got some good news at work today (yay, honey), so rather than eat dinner at home (organic beef, organic primavera spaghetti sauce and whole wheat noodles plus a collection of various organic veggies) instead we opted to go out for Mexican food as a celebration.

As this iPhone image demonstrates, you can't chow this stuff down on a regular basis unless you are doing something more than just sleeping and breathing. If that were the case I certainly wouldn't be missing a wedding band.

And since I'm doing a fair bit of riding I get to enjoy the luxuries of a simple equation - you exercise more, you have to eat more. Calories in, calories out. Of course the focus should be on healthy calories made up of quality ingredients etc, etc. But on occasion (probably more often than I should) I do enjoy a seriously hardcore over the top Mexican pig-out. I still feel ill from it, ahhhhhhhh, perfect. I'm guessing 2000 calories of cheese-greasy insanity. Tomorrow's out of the saddle interval's will be fueled by tonight's Godzilla-sized plate (bet I'm fast - yah!).


Charley Rome said...

That is an amazing pic of your new ring with the reflection of you taking the pic! Be careful, that ring looks a little loose too.

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Charley. After the mega-cheese ingestion last night the ring is just a bit tighter this morning. Burp!

Liam O'Connell said...


im still having problems fitting in my pants, let alone a ring, from the canadian christmas



Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah Liam, I think that's why my ring might have fallen off, I believe you ate my extra portion of tryptophan that day.

Speaking of rings, how's the breakfast's treating you? ;-)