Feb 5, 2008

Homemade cheese

What do you do with really good non-homogenized grass-fed cow milk when it starts to sour-up a bit? Make cheese out of it.


I can't lay claim to this move, John was over with his newfound cheese making skillz and with a simple "you wanna check it out" the process began. Milk in the pot, add a tiny bit of vinegar and salt, heat up until the proteins start to coagulate, etc, etc and presto chango you have cheese. I just ate a chunk of it five minutes ago, it's all gone now but there's more where that came from.

The boys don't really care for it too much, it's a bit bland unless you add something in the batch, which could be easily done. Instead of cheese they opted for blender juice, good option.



John said...

I think you are standing between that juice cup and Dora The Explorer....look at that concentration! Those eyeballs don't see you, the juice cup, or the camera...zoooom! laser focus. :)

Shaun Taylor said...

He's eyeballing the blender jug for more juice. ;-)