Feb 7, 2008

Rolling at the Y

It's been a lazy week for riding. I'm still a bit tired from doing the 12hr Solo on the weekend. First time back on the bike was yesterday for an hour of intervals. I was going to hop on the CompuTrainer this evening but just wasn't up for it. I'll do some more intervals tomorrow and hopefully a group ride on Saturday and some casual hours on Sunday.

The weather here has been amazing for the last few days. Today weather easily slipped in to the category of "Perfect", seriously computer-enhanced perfect.

Last night we went over to the YMCA so the boys could do their first Tumbling class. Basically it's a bunch of kids their age learning how to do front rolls and rear rolls and all kinds of rolling fun. The young girl teaching the class had their full attention.

DSC_7057 Waiting for instructionsDSC_7067-Instructed

Once the class got going the boys were pretty eager to get max-rolling time in. They did pretty good waiting for their turn to come around. Kinda looks like both of them are studying the competition. They get that from Doreen. ;-)


Coffee has been good this week. I didn't get any on the weekend; between racing, and, well, no bearable coffee where we were on Sunday, I was ready for a decent espresso in the kitchen on Monday morning. Here's a neat oblique angle perspective on a decent rosetta in a four ouncer. This was a single origin shot of the Brazil Cachoeira de Grama. Nice in milk.