Mar 30, 2008

Blogging update

I've been delinquent in blogging for a couple of weeks, we headed off to New Orleans for a few days and ate approx one million calories, did some sightseeing and even visited Zephyr Coffee to do some cupping. New Orleans was a good trip and I'll be posting up a separate blog post to cover the trip in the next couple of days. I've been putting in a pretty good block of intensity training and longer distance riding on the bike since we got back from New Orleans, uhhhmmmm I had a few calories to spare.

Everyone is doing really good and I've got some pretty funny images of the boys at Keegan's impromptu b-day party in New Orleans but like I said that'll be coming out in the next post. So this post is really just a blog bandage until the good stuff gets posted up.

For now, here's some quick latte art for the coffee junkies out there (this is the good stuff if you are a coffee junkie, hahaha).

The image below shows some mini-art in a tiny demitasse next to a three ounce Bodum. I picked out a set of these little 2.5 ounce cups while we were in a street market in Vietnam.


This one is pretty interesting, it's in a funky shaped five ounce cup that was a wavy side and increases/decreases in height around the rim. While trying to pour a heart in it the odd shape of the cup swirls the milk into a predictable path but it's like shooting a trick shot on a snooker table when trying to pour art. As I dropped this image into Photoshop, Keegan said "Heeeeeeyyyyyyy, a butterfly", so much for the heart. ;-)