Apr 6, 2008

Doreen's MTB race day

Today we went up to Warda so Doreen could race in a XC mountain bike race. I wasn't allowed to race since my little surgery thingamajig last Tuesday (the doc said I had to stay off a bike for seven days - aaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh, gaaaahhhhhh, yaaarrrrhhhhhhh!!!!!! - there, I got it out of my system).

The last time Doreen toed the dirt-line was five years ago in the Canada Cup series. Since that time things have changed a little bit, what with that whole two children sort of stuff. ;-)

Doreen was a little nervous going into the race as she really hasn't done much training for this kind of event, in fact today was the first time her mountain bike has seen singletrack in a long, long time. Because she has supported me for well over 100hrs of racing during the last 12 months, she knows what to expect particularly down here in Texas where the starts are always fast.

DSC_8861Race-startWhat really struck me as unusual and at the same time intriguing was Doreen's training strategy. I believe she recently discovered it and it seems to go like this... When deciding to do a mountain bike race for the first time in five years, it's often best that you don't train specifically for the race, you should not ride your mountain bike at all, none, don't do it, leave the bike alone, only pick it up on race day, leave the dust on it and certainly don't consider taking it on to some singletrack before any race. No pre-riding allowed. Further, your confidence will blossom as you stand on the start line where you can repeatedly whisper to yourself "I wonder what singletrack looks like, I wonder what singletrack looks like..."

Here's the thing, it seems Doreen's obscure 1963 Russian training methodology that she found in some discarded corner of the Internet has some merits, she proceeded to pound out an excellent top 5 finish in her category of 12 other girls. Awesomeness!

I'm really proud of her efforts and I think she is as well. Way to go honey!!!


John F said...

Doreen rocks!