Apr 4, 2008

Espresso Fu

Recently I've been having some fun with Joe over on GCBC's roasting forum. The merriment revolves around the classic Kung Fu style parodies ala Peter Seller's in The Pink Panther.

We've been back and forth'ing it for a little while now and because they make me laugh here are some recent images I posted up to the GCBC forum. Honestly, they make me shake my head and chuckle. Childish, I think not. ;-)

In between protecting the honor of the Imperial espresso empire, there's nothing wrong with pulling the mask off to pour a little bit of art. This week I've been goofing around with spiral pours. I've managed to pour some pretty radical stuff, all good fun of course. These cups are only three inches across, so this image is magnified more than the actual pour, it does manage to give a good sense of how tight the microfoam is and really highlights that cookie-like density of the foam.


Joe didn't realize the depth of my espresso fu and he threatened me by throwing hot exploding espresso pucks my way. As you can see his espresso pucks were easily intercepted (if you look real close you can see the espresso puck fragments), I mean really, does he think I won't go to any lengths to protect the Imperial Espresso Machine? I smashed his pathetic hot espresso pucks. I exploded his weak and lazy exploding puck attempts with the greatest of ease. Has he no shame?

Ninja diving is hard work and so the mask must eventually come off to pour a bit more swirl-art. Does it look like a scorpion tail? I think so and perhaps this will be the name of my newest secret espresso fu technique. Joe will have to wait and find out.


Joe has been secretly training in his little peasant village, it seems he has recruited children who have superior skills to his.

Joe knockbox

How can Joe think he has a chance at invading my Imperial Espresso Kingdom when it is obvious he has to concentrate extremely hard just to take a single step forward. Apparently the young master behind Joe is equally concerned and frustrated with Joe's lack of balance as he is seen falling backwards. The fool dares to compare his feeble skills against my espresso fu, how does he manage to stand up at the espresso machine, do his young masters prop him up. Unpossible!!!

Joe balancing

It's hard to imagine how Joe intends to penetrate my Imperial Espresso Palace, especially when I have posted carefully trained four-armed espresso fu sentries. Joe, you have shamed your family latte art name. You must leave the village never to return.