Apr 5, 2008

Saturday soccer

DSC_8746-SeriousEvan and I headed off to his soccer practice at the YMCA this morning. Keegan wasn't feeling very well and Doreen has a pile of work to do so while she worked from home she kept an eye on the little guy. It was a nice weather day, cool for this time of year, only 65 degrees. ;-)

Evan loves soccer and he has fun playing with his teamates. The concept of competition hasn't sunk in yet (not a bad thing) so he's quite content to run the ball against both nets, scoring for his team or against his team, it doesn't matter to him, hahaha.

At times he takes it pretty serious and really focuses on what the coach has to say and then other times he's just a happy kid running around with other kids. Here's a moment of seriousness that I shot from behind the goal net. Hard to believe he's only four years old in this image, he looks wiser than his years in this case.

The teams coach, David, is doing a great job out there. He has a good style with the kids and they really listen to him - most of the time. ;-)

Which direction do you think David has the kids going in this pre-game practice drill below? So funny to watch them during these practices.


All the kids on Evan's team are really good kids and seem to be having fun out there.


Whether it's during the pre-game practice or 30min match against the other team, Evan likes to blast them into the net. I get the feeling he's not going to be interested in the goalie position.


Whenever someone gets a goal, it's high fives all around.


There were some good skills out there, this little girl and Evan really had a good go of it throughout the match. She was a strong, sharp player on the other team and it was fun to watch both of them playing well. Interesting to see the natural skills fall in to place as they both get on the hip blocking (I didn't teach him that, honest). As the game progressed there were a couple of kids from the other team who were diving at Evan's legs to take him down, after it was done to him a few times he started playing rougher and I had to walk over and tell him quietly "Play the ball, not the man" he understood and settled down right away. All the years I played soccer I didn't care for the dirty game, might as well start the youngster off the right way.


At the end of the game there's lots of high fives and low fives. Evan did real well out there today listening to his coach and working real hard. I'm proud of him.