May 2, 2008

Concert at the park

DSC_9030-WatchingLast week we headed over to Oyster Park, currently there is a concert series going on and it's free to the general public, it's a nice place to hang out in good weather. They were a couple of inflatable structures for kids to jump around/on/in, a clown show and as an added bonus there was a nice family who had brought a day's worth of bubble making thingamajiggies which pumped out loads of bubbles and had our boys chasing bubbles for the better part of an hour.

We arrived in the late afternoon, threw a blanket down on the grass and ate sandwiches and hung out. This photo was taken while sitting on the blanket, watching Doreen and the boys as they focused on the show up front.

In the image below, the clown had the full attention of all the kids. I slipped around to the back of the small stage and shot the back of the clown and towards the crowd and all the kids in the front row. Keegan sure did enjoy this part of the day.


Evan got in on the act by helping with the spinning plate trick.


Not to be outdone, Keegan got up on stage to help out the clown with whatever was needed. It was hard to get him off the stage. ;-)


Jumping up and down and chasing things sure made for a good time.


DSC_9153-Keegan-flyingWhen there were no bubbles to be found and the inflatable structures were being dismantled, there was always room for several rounds of flying. Not sure what the load capacity is for this kind of fun but at some point it will probably turn into a workout as opposed to an easy thing to do. Maybe it can be incorporated into a resistance workout program for the bike. ;-)

We stayed quite late, it was easy to do with the perfect weather and such a good vibe. As the day came to an end I managed to get this last image. A nice way to end the photographic day.



Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time for two serious 'clown' students! Good photo composition. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Well they can be a bit clownish at times. ;-)