May 19, 2008

Mothers Day


Mothers Day, a time when mothers are supposed to get an extra dose of love. Our boys aren't old enough yet to put together a breakfast, and for a few years still I'm thinking even if they did make the breakfast I wouldn't be keen to eat it. Still, they are old enough to want to help and so it comes down to controlled stirring of something and since I'm the pancake Jedi master, Mothers Day generally revolves around... pancakes.

Buckwheat pancakes, maple syrup and organic strawberries in bed, let's not forget the chocolate mousse cup - not a bad way to start the day. The start to the day gets even better when the treats are delivered by two very excited young sons who are keen to jump up and down on the bed till you start sharing said treats.

If the pancakes don't reach into the Mothers Day ultimate gift zone then there's always a couple of standby's; flowers and chocolates.



And while daintily nibbling on chocolates let's not forget to accompany it with a poor rendition of a heart poured into a little four ounce latte.


No doubt, Doreen deserves flowers and chocolates every day but then if that was the case what would a guy get on Mothers Day to differentiate it from every other day that you were buying chocolates and flowers, right???? And so I must restrain myself and just buy flowers sporadically, without warning and certainly not forming a trend. ;-)

DSC_9879-Tree-signAfter breakfast we loaded up and headed out to Brazos Bend State Park home of the American Alligator and other cool stuff, go to the link I included 15 words ago to learn more about it.

We walked around for several hours, it was a big "adventure walk" day. We wandered along a lot of walking path's, stopping to read signs and of course teaching the boys cool stuff like how to track footprints in the dirt, you never know when you will have to track someone, hahaha.

The boys got to hold a snake, stroke a baby alligator and Evan touched a tarantula (Keegan tried several times but just couldn't do it, funny to watch him keep trying). Here's a shot of everyone getting in close to a baby alligator and ready to stroke its belly.


They don't all stay that size, while wandering around I got a shot of a big brother lazily sunning itself on a log near the edge of the water.


There were lots of things for the boys to see and explore, for a while the game was "Who can see a bird?"


The park was Doreen's choice and it was a good one, a nice day as a family and another piece of Texas explored. A great way to spend Mothers Day.