Jun 23, 2008

A bit of art

I decided to shoot a couple of images of my four ounce latte pours this morning. These were taken from the tripod with my D200, the Speedlight SB-600 flash unit on TTL and the countdown timer set on 10sec. The flash was bounced off the ceiling and at an angle to light up the inside of the steaming jug to highlight the microfoam and the inside of the cup, it turned out pretty well for auto-pilot. All I had to do was press the shutter button and then grab the cup and steaming jug and start the pour, I caught this image near the start of the pour.


This image is the same camera/flash unit angle and I got the top of the milk pour just right. I'm about three seconds from pouring back through the bottom and forming a decent little heart pour.


For those of you not familiar with the details, these are four ounce cups I bought during our Vietnam trip, these bevvies were 1.5oz espresso and 2.5oz milk. I roasted the blend 11 days ago and they were... deeeeeelish!