IMG_0726This is what I woke up to on Fathers Day morning. The boys were poking me and saying "eat your breakfast, dad". As a cyclist it was hard to eat my new bike, new bikes are exciting and that first ride is always so much fun. I barely had time to take a groggy iPhone picture before I got help eating the carrot handlebars.

Speaking of riding, I've been doing a little bit here and there. Today's 2.5hr ride was my 13th day in a row and I've got another two days to go until I take a break. I feel pretty good, just a bit tired and of course my legs don't have good high end right now.

With World Solo 24hr Championships in five weeks I'm starting to feel the pressure. Not a nervous or worried pressure, just the pressure of a big event coming up and a desire to get at it. Of course I don't want to disappoint the folks who are cheering for me, or the people who are supporting my racing and I certainly don't want to disappoint myself so I'm planning on racing hard; the classic "no regrets" form of racing. Whatever the results look like after 24hrs is anyone's guess but I'm going in knowing I'll be happy with the results 'cause it's gonna be awwwnnnnnnn!