Jun 25, 2008

Hey dad, I'm a soldier

Something interesting happened today. We got back home from the YMCA where the boys had spent the morning at summer day camp. I sat down in the living room and Evan walked over to me and just stood there really quiet and still, almost standing at attention. When I asked him what he was doing, he said "I'm a soldier". Then he saluted me... huh? I asked him where he had learned how to do that and he said they were playing at the YMCA this morning and practicing standing still and quiet, like a soldier... hahaha, sometimes I want the boys to practice that a lot. ;-)

scan0001The interesting part of all this is that from the time when I was very young I wanted to be a soldier too. So I asked Evan if he wanted to see a photo of dad when I was a soldier standing at attention, of course he said yes and I pulled up this image of me when I was graduating off my Pathfinder course; the toughest Regular Army course available at the time, 70 straight days of hard. Less than 10% of the course graduated and it's something that tested me to some of my limits, uhhmmmmm yeah, it was hard. Kinda funny to look at the fresh young face of a 25yr old.

Evan thought that dad standing at attention was pretty "COOL!". Maybe one day when he's old enough to read this blog by himself he can check out some of the stuff I used to do when I moved on to JTF-2. So Evan, when you finally find this blog post you have my permission to check out the YouTube clip below.

Of course by the time Evan is ready to find this post by himself I'm sure dad won't be nearly as "COOL!" he'll probably be keener to hang out with his favorite skateboard or bike or girlfriend. ;-)


bob_ward said...

Waaaay Cooolll! Its like that new canadian armed forces receuiting ad.
Did you go to the world barista competition? Not as cool as racing up in a fast attack boat onto some hostile beach I'm sure.
Bob W

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Bob, hope your trip was waaayyy cool as well.

We are heading up to Canmore for two weeks in mid-July so I can race at Worlds Solo Championships 24hrs of Adrenalin mountain bike race on Jul 26-27. I'll be on my fast attack mountain bike and for 24hrs I'll be on a hostile race course, hahaha.

Unfortunately I won't have my combat vest on to help improve my odds. ;-)