Jun 30, 2008

Pit number 188


It's now less than a month till World Solo 24 Hour Championships in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We are flying up there in a couple of weeks so I can get some pre-riding in and also visit friends, hang out in the mountains and drink coffee. I have my pit assigned, good old lucky number 188:

Click here to see the pit layouts.

For those of you who are going to be at the race, drop by to say hi.

I'm in the process of sorting out all the things you do before this kind of an event. Here's something I've been playing with for about three weeks, the Ergon GX-2, so far so good.


Lots of people have been asking me what I eat while doing these sort of races. Pretty simple answer, I've been successfully racing and training using Infinit Nutrition. I race and train on 100% liquid nutrition using my own custom Infinit formula. Other athletes that I have recommended the product to are also successfully racing and training on Infinit. It works!

If you want to try either of my two formulas you can click these links which will take you to my Long Distance Training and Racing formula and my Jet Fuel formula.

Shaun's Texas Trg/Racing no caffeine

Shaun's Texas Trg/Racing 100mg caffeine

The two formulas above are perfect for training rides anywhere from 1-12hr. You can also race on these formulas if the race is approx 2hrs or longer. There is a good ratio of protein uptake per hour and the other factors have been adjusted to account for trg/racing on the road/dirt.

Jet Fuel no protein no caffeine

The Jet Fuel formula above is perfect for very high intensity races (such as explosive crits) and races lasting approx 1.5hrs or less.

By clicking the links above it will take you to a copy of my formulas then you should be able to click "Order This Formula" at the bottom. Then select "Serving Choice" and click "Add to Cart". For an extra 10% off you can use the discount code shauntaylor when you are in the checkout area.

If you want to know how I use the formulas for training and racing, or you want me to create one for your specific needs then you can email me at: staylor@attglobal.net

That's it for now. Hope to talk to you all soon.


JFarm said...

Thanks for the heads up on the drink mix Shaun. I just ordered some of the 5-hr mix to give it a try.Thanks for the discount too!
Good luck in Canada for Worlds,tear it up! Talk to you later.

Justin Farmer

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah Justin, you are going to love that stuff, for sure. I put a Canadian buddy on to it a couple of months ago, prior to Infinit he had chronic cramping issues while racing at a hard pace and he had tried everything. He's in day 6 of the BC Bike Race at the moment, racing on just Infinit and he's never been happier.