Jun 13, 2008

San Antonio

DSC_9965-RiverwalkUhhhmmmmmm, yeah, I've been blog-slacking. It's been too long since I posted up and I never did get around to finishing off the San Antonio visit. So I'm gonna get this one up and then get on with other biz.

We really enjoyed San Antonio, it's a cool town, really diverse architecture and lots of history. It was savagely hot while we were there, 100+ degrees and since we were staying down by the River Walk there was increased humidity - yowch!

The River Walk is the mandatory visit in San Antonio, it really is quite unique and even though I wasn't keen to go for the goofy looking touristy boat tour, Doreen really wanted to, I'm glad she did, it really does provide a different perspective of the River Walk.

From the boat I shot lots of cool architecture...



DSC_9952-GargoylesOk, maybe not all of that was shot from the boat, I didn't keep good notes on all the shots so if you don't see these things while you are on the River Walk you'll just have to get off the boat and wander around town. Which is exactly what we did.

The downtown core isn't large and you can walk pretty much everywhere. Parts of it are a bit rough and other parts are quite upscale, it's all jumbled together with not much separation which makes it a feast for the eyes. As part of our wandering around town, we headed over for a mandatory visit to The Alamo.


DSC_9985-AlamoThe Alamo doesn't need much introduction. We spent the better part of an afternoon there and I'm sure we could have spent longer. I found it a bit sad that The Alamo is set amongst Burger Kings and Pizza places, they are all situated directly across the street from the main entrance but I guess that's called progress.

Beyond the cultural eyesore of the fast food joints, the true spirit of The Alamo is in its history, what the location represents - the spirit of the men who defended The Alamo. Walking around the Mission (which is accorded the status of a "Shrine") I thought about a lot of things, mostly I tried to imagine myself in the same circumstances as those brave men who defended the Mission. They were in a tough bind but they did the right thing. I found the visit inspiring and its a must visit for anyone in Texas in my opinion.

Beyond the larger story there are lots of other smaller stories as you wander around the mission, this cannon has one such tale but you will have to go there to learn more.


DSC_0006Doreen-and-boysIt's hard to do better than a visit to The Alamo but if you have the time be sure to go and check out some of the other Missions. This photo was taken in front of Mission Concepcion, we spent a while wandering around the grounds just before we headed back to Sugar Land. It was a good insight as to how frontier life in this part of the country was formed around these mini-forts, or Missions. I think its interesting history and worth checking out, you can click here and start doing a bit of Internet sleuthing to learn more.

There's lots to see and do in San Antonio, it's not possible to get a full sense of it in just one day, I'm glad we got to spend the long weekend there.