Jul 10, 2008

4th of July

DSC_0072-The-magicianIndependence Day, or 4th of July as it's more commonly referred to was spent for the most part at Oyster Creek Park. It was a perfect day for it, hot but not too hot.

We spent about four hours at the park, during the entire time there was always something going on for the kids, I'm sure they would like every day to be the 4th of July.

This Magician was quite funny, he made the kids laugh and the adults were entertained as well.

We were lucky to get front row seats at the kids stage in our collapsible chairs. The boys sat just a few feet away, totally immersed in the show.


As the evening wore on, I went for a stroll to see what I could capture with the D200. I found a decent vantage point behind the big stage and grabbed these cool shots.



This shot looks awesome in it's original size and with no compression. Unfortunately you only get to see it in a shrunk down and highly compressed version. In the original the lead singer is lit up perfectly and the blue light weaving its way through the white smoke is spectacular. In this compressed version you can see the compression artifacts back by the stage lighting and all the detail stripped out of the lead singers dress. The smoke comes across poorly as well, that's the price you pay for tiny little compressed images.


Soon enough it was time for the firworks, so I setup my tripod and waited for them to go. And like the image above which pales in comparison to the original image, these too are disappointing when viewed in such a fashion, oh well, at least the boys can oohhhhhhhh and aaahhhhhhh when they see them on the blog.






Lots more to mention about the day but I'm going to keep this one short. Look for something soon about the new bike.