Jul 20, 2008


Worlds setting up

4,400 feet of climbing yesterday, on world class mountain bike terrain, surrounded by beautiful mountains in 80 degrees with 10% humidity, sunny and blue skies. Wake up sir, wake up, you were dreaming. It kind of felt like I was dreaming as I was tearing down the singletrack feeling like I should have paid someone a million dollars for that moment. So good!

What you are looking at up top is an iPhone image of the 24hrs of Adrenalin crew starting the setup for Worlds, I think that might be the main transition tent they are working on, which will be co-located next to Solo Pit Row.

Climbing up the rootsWhat you are looking at here is the kind of stuff I've been climbing up, lots of roots and rocks and some pretty steep grades. It's been a pretty good wake-up call compared to the climbing in Texas. I enjoy climbing but wow, I'd forgotten how relentless this course is in certain parts.

Should be pretty interesting this Saturday to see how things work out. All the local guys have a good advantage (they haven't forgotten what climbing is like), the pro's that have been here for a few weeks have a good advantage (they now remember what climbing is like), I guess I have a pretty good advantage (I don't remember how hard this much climbing is going to be plus I'm stubbornly blind to pain, or something like that).

Heading down the trailThe great thing about gravity is what goes up must come down. Here's a shot from part of the course showing a typical rocky and rooty section. It's hard to see from this angle but some of those rocks are pretty big and there's some tricky lines - yummy.

The bike I'm on is shredding this stuff up, I mean really tearing it apart. I feel super-confident on the course so if I can stay healthy between now and Saturday I'm looking forward to seeing what I've got in comparison to everyone else on the day.

Muddy frontI'll leave you with a picture of mud-at-speed. This was taken in Shelley's garage (thanks for the bike stand Shelley) where we are staying for most of our trip. Even though the course was pretty much dry there were a few small muddy water spots.

And this is what a shiny bike looks like after a one million dollar ride. ;-)


Liam O'Connell said...


if you guys dont come back, ill understand

Shaun Taylor said...

We'll come back, my legs may be a bit wobbly though.

John F said...

80 degrees with 10% humidity...

In July no less. You will make Al Gore cry with this type of flaunting ya know?

10% humidity...Sheesh, I hope at least you have to drink mediocre coffee up there in the fresh crisp mountain air to offset you comfort level because otherwise it's just not fair.

Shaun Taylor said...

I roasted up a batch of Arokare and a batch of the Sumatra TP Select before we left and they are hitting their stride right now.

Sitting on the deck with an artisan roast, staring at the mountains, breathing in that refreshing 10% humidity - it's just not right. ;-)