Jul 23, 2008

Getting closer...


The race is getting closer and while I've been pre-riding the course I've been watching the site get built. It's been pretty interesting to watch, a lot of work goes into setting up an event this size. This is the main transition tent in place with the infrastructure starting to get built around it.

This next view (if you can imagine as none of the 10x10 tents are up yet) is after I stepped out of my imaginary pit site #184 and did a 90 degree left turn to look down the route I'm going to be racing out after every lap.


This is looking in the opposite direction and will be the direction I am approaching from at the end of each lap.


Bike hanging racks with the World Solo Pit area in the back right corner area.


It's not all reconnaissance and riding, here's a shot of Quarry Lake, just 5mins from the race course. The kids spent most of the day splashing around in it.


DSC_0416-Quarry-lakeThe water in this lake is, in my opinion, unreasonably cold. Wickedly cold. The kind of cold that only three and four years old can manage or parents who have to chase their kids so they don't go out too deep and of course the last category of lake dwellers is the beer drinking lake party'ers who are alcoholically immune to cold. I fit into none of those categories so other than dipping my toes in the water and thinking "who in their right mind would wade in this" I preferred to grab the camera and take a walk.

There were lots of kids in the water and the boys made some new friends. Cryogenically frozen friends but friends nonetheless.


These images really do a good job of presenting the natural beauty that surrounds Canmore. It's been a year since we were here and you kind of forget how amazing it is.

Like I said a couple of days ago, riding up on the Nordic Center through some of the more technical singletrack that isn't part of the race course was really worth one million dollars. World class technical trails. The view of 360 degree mountains as you break out into open sections is sooooo good.

If you are reading this and considering a place to ride, think about Canmore.


DSC_0414-Evan-swingWith the great weather we've had since we arrived the boys have been getting out and having fun. Here's a couple of images from a playground just behind the place we are renting.

Doreen has been great, taking the pressure off me by watching the boys more than usual so I can fuss over my bike and gear, or sit on the couch and relax... or blog. ;-)

Just looked at my watch and there's now less than three days left till the gun goes off. Yay!

Till next time.