24hr-Worlds-in-two-weeksCome on, you have to be starting to feel it now. I know I am.

We are flying in 10 days.

I have my lucky socks set aside.

You have to slip socked feet into something and I am currently breaking in a new pair of Specialized S-Works MTB shoes. They are 200gms lighter than my other pair of shoes. 200gms! That's nearly half a pound of rotating mass, big deal right - uhmmmmm wrong, since I'll do over 100,000 pedal revolutions during the 24hr I'll gladly take that half pound decrease.

On the bike front, my new race bike is nearly built up, photos to come shortly. Beauty.

So, with less than three weeks to go I'm feeling pretty fit. The core is good and my legs feel strong, my head is in a good place and my nutrition is dialed in. I'm ready to go longer than 24hrs, yah!

Bring it!!!


Eddie A. said...

all right shaun! this is what you've been training for! as we say in texas, get r done!


Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah Eddie!

Get r Done is right!!!