Aug 23, 2008

48hr Solo

With Worlds disappearing into the rear view mirror it's time to start scheming about the upcoming races, in particular a race format I've never done before. F o r t y e i g h t h o u r s of non-stop mountain bike r a c i n g. Cool!


It's kinda hard to see the details in the poster above because of the resizing I had to use for the blog, all the more reason to go and check things out at the website:

When you go to the race website you can click on the Mountain Bike link at the top where you can see more of the details, you can even register for the event there. Of course I'm in for the 48hr Solo race, what are you in for? Think of the fun you can have racing in the 6hr event (which will start and finish in my last six hours of racing) you will get to pass me a bunch of times while simultaneously taunting me to go faster and you know that will drive me crazy. For double the taunting fun you can sign up for the 12hr and keep me awake in my last 12hrs by elbowing me each time you speed on by. Elbowing and taunting, come on, I'd appreciate your efforts. ;-)

As far as I know this USA Cycling sanctioned 48hr event is the first of its kind, having spoken with the race director things sound well organized and he's really keen to put on a good event. My start time is 1000hrs on Nov 14, 24hrs later the 24hr race starts and then 12hrs later the 12hr starts until finally 6hrs later the 6hr starts. The finish line is 1000hrs on Nov 16, hmmmmm, wonder if I will sleep during the race? ;-)

I've never seen the race course, though I have watched these three YouTube feeds a handful of times to get a feel for things. Not much point in driving up there to do any pre-riding of the course, I think 48hrs should be long enough to get a feel for things.

Alright then, what are you waiting for, stop watching the videos and go and sign up, go, on...


Eddie A. said...

you my friend are CRAZYYY!!! i think i'll go and cheer you on! help doreen with the crewing!

Shaun Taylor said...

I think the correct spelling is Keeerazzzyyyyy! ;-)

That'd be cool if you came up. I'll see you at the 24hrs of Dirt in Oct for sure.

Caveman Productions said...

Shaun, how is it going my friend? I finally started my own blog and added you on my blog list. Hope that is ok. I will not be doing 24 at RHR this year, so the title is yours to take!
Greg Parham

Shaun Taylor said...


Great to hear from you, I trust everything is going well. Put up some more bloggish material to let the rest of us know what you are up to and more importantly so I can find out when you are going to come out and kick my butt at another Ultra. ;-)