Aug 21, 2008

Iced coffee

DSC_0610-Iced-La-MinitaI've been playing with iced coffee photography for a couple of weeks now. It's fun and even when you don't get a good image you still get a tasty beverage.

This is an iced La Minita Tarrazu, four days post-roast and Aeropressed into a wine glass. The milk is an organic half and half for effect.

Look for more of these over the next few weeks.


carmen said...

Hi Shaun,

Looks yummy! My favorite are the Vietnamese iced coffees. Lots and lots of sweetened condensed milk.

Which email address is Doreen using? I think I sent something via her account.

Kelly mentioned that you guys might be moving to Johannesburg?

There is a lot of great biking events all over South Africa but not necessarily in Johannesburg itself.

I didn't know that there were so many races in Texas. The next race sounds like a challenge. Crazy!

Carmen Winzar

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Carmen,

Ohhhhhhhh, I drank my body weight in Vietnamese iced coffees when we spent the six weeks traveling from Ho Chi Minh City up to Hanoi - it's the crack cocaine of the coffee world. ;-)

Jo-berg has been mentioned but who knows, right? The plan at the moment is for us to be here another 18mths at least. If we were to go down there I'd be all over that Cape Epic race.

Doreen's email is: Doreen.Taylor at

Hope you guys are having fun scooting around the world.