Sep 23, 2008

Biking and trampolines


The boys have been spending some time at a dirt track five minutes from the house. Evan loves tearing around BMX style and he's not afraid to challenge all-comers. It's pretty funny to watch. Keegan likes it as well but he'd be just as happy to look for rocks in the dirt, speaking of which...


We finally bought a trampoline and it's now setup in the backyard, we've been talking about getting one for over a year now. The boys love it. Evan was on it all of three minutes and he started doing flips. Then it was trying to do flips over his brother. Then it was dad not taking pictures anymore so dad could lay down some rules. ;-)


I was walking back from dropping the boys off at school a few days ago and almost walked face-first into this big old spider web. They hang between trees or branches down here and I stopped just about an inch away from wearing this one. I had to go and get my camera to see if I could capture it in the morning sunlight, it turned out pretty well I think.


Nothing much to say in this post, mainly just a quick hi to everyone. I'm now fully recovered from 24hr Worlds Solo Championship and looking forward to my next 24hr solo in just over three weeks. Still deciding whether or not I should race it or use it as a training ground for my 48hr solo race in November, maybe it will depend on how much coffee I drink on race day. ;-)


aka Kathy said...

Looks like you are going to have a lot of the "Don't do that!" then snicker to yourself and think "That's my boy(s)!" episodes in your life.

Shaun Taylor said...

You are correct on that one. Unfortunately those "don't do that" moments are usually the boys trying to copy dad. ;-)