Sep 13, 2008

See ya later, Ike...

Hurricane Ike has left the neighborhood.

We made out ok, just a lot of rain and really strong winds but no damage to our hacienda. The power was out for 17 hours, so for those of you sending emails and such, here is the official "we made it".

Cellphone coverage was non-existent for a chunk of the storm so if you called, "we made it".

Coffee status this morning was not good but the espresso machine is now up to temp and I'm going to "go make it". ;-)

While waiting for the power to restore itself I went for a ride on my mountain bike, looking for winds to ride into, I got some and it was great. Here's an iPhone shot.


A strange phenomenon observed while I was riding my bike around the area... lots and lots of extremely clean (read leaf and mud-splatter free) cars and trucks driving around, nearly all of them showroom quality, inching their way around puddles so as not to get a splash of water on the glossy sideboards. All the windows half way down and cameras sticking out so they could "interact with the environment". I'm still amazed by the arm's distance of it all. Entire families driving by, cocooned in their dirt free tour. Weird.