Sep 29, 2008



What can I say.

I just took delivery of the Nimbus 2 from, why do I do these things? It's a complicated answer and it would only draw a round of head shakes and eye-rolling. Suffice to say I have a goal in mind and I'm counting on being able to ride several miles on this bad boy before the end of the year.

I've never been on a unicycle up until 15mins ago. It's hard. Really hard.

Did I mention hard.

But mark my words, several miles by the end of the year. Anyone else up for the challenge?

Edit, to my post of yesterday. The boys and I just got back in the house, they were riding their bikes and I was trying to get a few inches further on the unicycle. Well I managed to get approx four complete pedal revolutions before falling off. Not too bad but that took me approx 100 attempts. Next goal is five pedal revolutions. ;-)

I feel like I'm in unicycle kindergarten, a total newbie, what a fun challenge this thing is. Actually it's frustratingly fun, I almost don't want to get the hang of it too fast as it's making me tweak some of my theories/protocols on the "starting from zero" athletic learning model.

Here's an iPhone image, too bad you can't see the big welt on my right shin where I slammed it with an overly aggressive out-of-control pedal stroke. Lesson learned, hahaha.



Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll have too many takers on that challenge, Shaun. Unicycles and snow just don't go well together;)


Shaun Taylor said...

You can always practice in your basement and surprise me in the Spring. ;-)

Philip said...

I have one of those contraptions. I thought I would be able to pick it up easily but I was wrong! I think my tires are almost empty from not touching it right now.

Shaun Taylor said...

It's killin' me.