Oct 14, 2008

Charging my lights...


This evening I plugged in my MiNewt and Dinotte systems to run a charge into the batteries for the 24hr solo mtb race this weekend, as I stood there in the dark kitchen staring at the green and red charging indicators I could start to feel the anticipation of the event beginning to build inside of me. This one is a different kind of 24hr solo than all my other Ultra events, I'm going into this race hoping I can race for fun, meaning I really have to ease the throttle back and not race at maximum effort. If I race hard this weekend I will need a few weeks to recover and I'm trying to keep my eye on having a solid effort at the event after this weekend which is the 48hr solo race in mid-Nov. So in this case I can't afford the recovery time.

I've been telling myself for weeks now, "go race, but don't really race, have fun, but not too much fun, put in a good effort but be smart and don't setup a pressure cooker pace..." I've been trying to convince myself to treat this weekend like a training event, I've come really, really close to convincing myself - but just when I start to believe that I might be able to have a bunch of fun laps that sneaky little voice says "hey, last year at this race you lost first place by five minutes" - that little voice sucks.

I suspect I'll figure out what to do somewhere between the 12-18hr point in the race. Ohhhhhhhh I hope I don't get sucked in to a race. If you see me out there, please punch me in the shoulder and tell me not to take it seriously, tell me to slow down and have fuuuuunnnnnnnn, but if I have a good lead by the 20hr point, punch me in the shoulder and tell me to speed up! ;-)


capnmwf said...

can i just punch you for the hell of it ??

Shaun Taylor said...

Please do, preferably in my right ear as my left side is much prettier.

Charley Rome said...


I see you were able to restrain yourself at the 24 Hours of Dirt. I was expecting to see you at the top of the result. I think it was smart to hold something back for your 48 hour race. Good luck.

Shaun Taylor said...

I hope it pays off, guess I'll find out Nov 14th.

Did you get it going at your race, Charley?

Charley Rome said...

My race is this weekend.

I'm the least well prepared for a 24 Hour race since my first one in 2005. I was injured in July, got sick in August, and was dealing with Gustav aftermath in September.

It sounds like I'm making excuses, but it is the truth. But, I still like my chances to equal my number of laps from last year. It won't be enough to win the race, but I will feel good if I can do the same number of laps as last year given the circumstances of this year.

I'll give you an update next week after the race.

Shaun Taylor said...

Good luck!

Hope the weather cooperates and as you know, it's a 24 and anything can happen, you might just end up on the podium.

Start sharpening up your Viking Battle Axe!