So it's been three weeks since I did my 48hr solo mtb race, the memories of it being hard, harder, hardest have since faded away and are now replaced with "What's next?" and so the search has begun for '09.

I think my '09 focus is going to shift to a multi-day stage race format for my big event, not really a strength of mine but being out of my preferred 24hr solo racing style for at least half a year will be good for a change I think. The three events I have been looking at are:

Breck Epic -
Intermontane Challenge -
BC Bike Race -

My buddy Dave has stepped up the crusade to get us rolling as a team for the BC Bike Race, he thinks we would have a real good shot at snagging the 80+ category podium. 'Nuff said on that for now.

I'm gonna stop talking about cycling for the next couple of posts, 'cause I've got some non-cycling stuff to break out of the time capsule. So strap yourself in and I'll spin the calendar dates back six weeks ago...


Happy b-day to me, happy b-day to me. I turned 45 in October and as a spur of the moment, whip a hasty plan together, have an off the beaten path kinda of celebration myself and my buddy John jumped on a plane in Houston and headed to Chicago for 24hrs.


Why Chicago? I'd never been there before and neither had John, but we knew through obscure Google searches that it was the home of Superdawg.


Which serves the Whoopskidawg, a quintessential Chicago-style hot dog along with green tomatoes, pickle and fries - awesome.


They also do the best malt I've had in many a year and in casual conversations between John and I it's now referred to as "The malt".


Having brought our coffee snobbery attitudes with us we went in search of the best coffee we could find and so we stepped into Intelligentsia with high hopes. My latte, uhmmm not so good. Overall anything coming across the counter wasn't meeting our expectations, so we didn't stick around, I guess it happens.


We crossed the street, past the wall of buildings...


Then headed for the big shiny coffee bean (ok I'm not sure if that's it's official title but I like to think it is) where I got some great images.





Since we had already done planes and trains it was now time to do buses and with the hectic pace we were setting it came down to surviving on handfuls of fresh-roasted almonds.


Oh, yeah, we might have also squeezed in a little bit of incredible deep dish Chicago-style pizza, indescribably good.


Hey, how come that last image wasn't crystal clear, well that's because I had to leave my camera in the hotel room and was now relying on my iPhone since big cameras weren't allowed at UFC 90 at the Allstate Arena. John and I are big MMA fans and have been following it since way back in the day. Getting to go see a UFC event live was over-the-top fun, seriously good times and the reason we flew out to Chicago of course. I would do it again in a second, well except for that whole it costs money thing.


And after the UFC event the evening just wasn't complete without a dedicated iPhone Google search for a nearby microbrewery which was only a 30min walk away. Cheers!


All right, lets get it back to more wholesome family fun. Shortly after my b-day the next big event on the calendar is Halloween. Here's an image of Evan in his Halloween chicken outfit, that stuff just has to make you laugh.


Keegan not to be outdone, also digs the chicken action as well.


Post-Halloween school activity had us back to the house where Keegan managed to jump himself to sleep on the trampoline. A perfect place to take a nap in the sunlight, gathering strength to go and hit the sidewalks that evening for the mandatory "Trick or Treat" neighborhood session. Those two boys made out like bandits in their chicken outfits, we still have a stockpile of Halloween candy from that night.


Part I of the catch-up miniseries is now complete, next in line is Evan's b-day and other assorted tomfoolery. Till next time...


John F said...

The Chicago trip was awesome fun Brother! I still think we deserve the most effective tourists award 2008 for jamming at least 3.5 days of Chicago action into 24 hours of mayhem.

Looking at those images it's easy to start thinking we had it made.....until you look at Keegan snoozing on the trampoline. We were just lucky, that guy has it made in the shade. :)

Shaun Taylor said...

I'm thinking most effective tourists award of the decade.

Bit disappointing that the mayor didn't present us with the keys to the city. ;-)