I had a good laugh earlier this week when I was chatting with Dave, my partner for the BC Bike Race. We were laughing about each others race wattage and who was going to be stronger/faster in the race season this year. We have both agreed to kick some arse in this event, so we might as well kick each other's arse on the phone first. ;-)


Dave is flying down from Calgary in February so we can get 10+ hours of riding dirt together before we do the 100km Mas O Menos marathon race. I plan on dropping down into Dave's younger age category so we can do the race together, it's gonna be a good time.

We've ridden together for quite a few years, in fact Dave is pretty much the guy who patiently and sometimes not so patiently introduced me to a higher level of mountain biking. He's fed me so many pain sandwiches in the past that I instantly associate riding with him as a blindingly fast redline along with mandatory tunnel vision eventually moving towards white spots in my vision and ultimately ending in an anaerobic period so long that it's a relief just to crash the bike so I can stop swallowing my tongue. Ok, it's not quite that bad, but he's fast. In fact he's the fastest technical descender I've ever ridden with. We've shredded up a pile of world class singletrack together and had a lot of good times. Which leads us to this...

BCBR ultimate

I've raced in parts of BC where the race unfolds and there's no doubt the terrain is incredible and will play to our abilities of technical racing, and certainly our lack of fear and common sense while descending will be beneficial. I'm already excited about the event and it's still five months away.

BCBR best

So Dave, if you are reading this I hope you just got off your bike, because it's awwwwnnnnnn! If you didn't just get off your bike, you better jump on it right now, slacker. ;-)

BCBR Eatough


Anonymous said...

Rode with Bolstad yesterday and today. Not sure if the meter dropped below 300. LOL

Shaun Taylor said...

You're killin' me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn,
have aquestion, I am in mexico and playing with a commercial La Pavoni and the steam tip is to powerful to staem properly...any recomondations other than a new tip??? thanks KIrk

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Kirk,

Unless you can modulate the steam power (turn on the steam wand until the first sign of steam and don't turn it on any harder) then it could require a tip switch or... the steam boiler could be set to a lower pressure.

Mexico? Have fun!

Anonymous said...

thanks, thats what i thought... i have heard of people blocking some of the holes on the tip so I may try that...it is a 4 hole tip and the holes are huge so I dont think that is helping the matter at all. We have been here for 11days and it is nice, but had some serious issues finding a good espresso, we found a nice little place not to far from my moms house in Ajijic and they were very receptive to me making my own :)

Shaun Taylor said...

Awesome, there's nothing better than getting behind a machine to pull your own. Maybe you could get a part time job down there. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too bad that Warda dirty dozen isn't on your list of races this year! I'm back to health and will be going for the expert win. And hopefully, will recover fast enough to race Terlingua. Maybe I'll see you there.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Greg,

I keep thinking about doing the Warda race but my race partner for BC Bike Race is flying in on the 6th and then we are heading out to Terlingua do approx 15-20hrs of dirt trg together at race-ish pace and then do the Mas O Menos race. We should be pretty much cooked by the start of the race but we aren't going for a win, just a fun, fast time.

Hearing that you'll be at Warda is almost enough to make me change my plans. ;-)