We were all out riding at the race course site this afternoon. The weather was perfect and the Texas desert was a great place to be today.

While the boys were wandering around they managed to get new stickers on their helmets, they like stickers. Evan wanted me to get a photo with my iPhone and here it is.

I'm not sure Hollywood would like the message on Evan's helmet but I think it's cool. If anyone in Hollywood wants to drop me a line and let me know what they think, just click on the comments section below. ;-)


John F said...

Here it is.....scene opens and young Evan grows up hating TV. His days are spent outdoors and away from the TV. As a result he grows as an athletic young man not tainted by the ills of today's couch potato society.

Off to college Evan falls in love with a beautiful girl who is perfect in every way but one....she is majoring in TV journalism.

Hilarity ensues when the future in laws meet and clash as Evan's active outdoors family and Cindy's TV loving couch potato family collide on the side splitting comedy coming to you this summer...

TV Sucks!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hopefully the show gets at least three seasons because I'm interested in the spin-off ventures such as:

- The New York Times Bestseller "How to make stickers work for you!"

- A profitable website "Stickers... Collect 'em for Cash!"

- The follow-on Prime Time series "How a sticker can change your life!"

ERic said...

I want one of those stickers for my helmet!

Shaun Taylor said...

I'd love to help you out ERic, they were handing them out for free at the Mas O Menos race on the weekend, maybe you could plan on being at next years event, which might not be a bad thing. ;-)