Mar 22, 2009

At the beach


A while ago we headed down towards Galveston so the boys could build sand castles and dig holes in the sand. Let's not forget about jumping in the ocean. Mission accomplished.



The water wasn't warm but they wanted in. They spent a pile of time splashing around, running through the waves and generally laughing a lot. The boys are tough, when they first got in their eyes were huge from the cold shock and it took 15mins of big inhales and shivers till they settled down and started acclimatizing.

Too cold for me I'm afraid, the only way I was getting in that water was an emergency, otherwise it was going to be photos from the safe, dry and warm sandy beach.

If you look real close you can see the ocean water pouring off Evan's fleece jacket, bbuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr.

After the boys changed into something dry we got on to more practical matters, like teaching Evan how to use weapons. ;-)


We got to do some more tracking; he already knows how to track animals from our time in the Canadian Rockies, tracking in sand is "cool" according to Evan.


There's lots to point a camera at on a shore front.



Pretty soon it was time to leave and with one last high jump over the sand castle we loaded into the Pilot and headed back to Sugar Land. A nice family day.



aka Kathy said...

Too cool! What a great day for the family.

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, it was a good day, and like a responsible dad I didn't take my mountain bike and do sand repeats up and down the beach for an hour. ;-)

aka Kathy said...

Your bike's chain probably thanks you for that little sacrifice.