Mar 31, 2009

Racing this weekend

A couple of days ago we went out to eat just before Doreen flew out to Washington this week. At the end of the meal we got the standard issue fortune cookies, the highlight of the meal according to Evan and Keegan. I rarely ever eat mine but I do give it a Shaolin Monk hammer fist so I can pull the fortune paper out of the wreckage and see what it's got to say. The fortune was so appropriate it made me laugh out loud, so I brought it home to get a photo of it.


On Saturday I'm driving to the Ouachita Challenge in Oden, Arkansas. There is a 60mile race and an 80mile race, I'm on for the 80miler. Luverly! I've heard from various other racers that it's a really fun course, perhaps not as technical as I would have preferred but it should make for approx 7-8hrs in the saddle. Perfect! I'm still not in super-freak racing form, I'm saving that buildup for the BC Bike Race and the World Solo 24hr Championships in June and July, still, I should be feeling good enough to go out there and have some reasonably fast fun. I wish it was a bit longer, like maybe 10-12hrs of racing, just long enough to make it challenging but not so long that the race support becomes important. Speaking of race support the family is staying at home for this one.

It's going to be a busy weekend. To get there takes 8.5hrs of driving (not counting the stops along the way) and I'm leaving Saturday morning. Sunday is the race so that means up at 0500hrs, race gun goes off at 0800hrs, finished by approx 1600hrs, clean up and awards etc brings it to approx 1800hrs. Start the drive home, maybe get back by 0300-0400hrs Monday morning? Boys up, fed and sorted out for school no later than 0900hrs. 0930hrs start thinking about the BC Bike Race. ;-)

Hope the weather cooperates for Sunday, if you are reading this be sure to join me in wishing away the forecasted 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms on race day. My delicate nature would appreciate it.


aka Kathy said...

40% chance of rain = 60% chance of NO rain... at least that's how I'm looking at it.

BTW - if you ride slower, you'll be on the bike longer. Believe me, I know - it's something that I have down to a fine science. ;~)

Shaun Taylor said...

Great way of looking at the weather!

Are both of you going to be out there?