Apr 17, 2009

A caterpillar's life

Yesterday the boys were pretty excited when they came in from the backyard, Evan had a caterpillar on his finger. We had all the usual conversations about caterpillar life and then I asked them to put it back outside where they got it.

A few minutes later the boys were back in even more excited and insisting I come out to see a surprise.


What is it? Well it's a caterpillar house of course. It turns out the boys decided to build the caterpillar a house out of rocks and a leaf, they even donated a penny (look real hard) to the caterpillar's lifestyle. I'm sure the caterpillar didn't have this kind of house in mind a couple of hours prior but here it was living under new circumstances, not of it's own choosing.

I'm could turn this post into something philosophical with a deeper meaning but I'm just going to leave it as is - a story about a caterpillar.