Apr 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Yesterday we headed in to Houston with no big plans other than to wander around a bit. First stop was a first time visit to Pierson and Company BBQ for some great brisket, ribs, pork and more. Clarence gave us a tour of his operations and his mesquite smoker. While he was talking I pretty much kept thinking about how good the potato salad and beans were, nearly every BBQ we've been in (double digit locations) have had mediocre sides, Peirson's sides are worth the trip regardless of how good the meats are. Fortunately the meats are good. Highly recommended.


After Pierson's we headed over to Memorial Park where the boys ran all over a big playground structure. I lasted about 15mins and then laid down on the grass to catch a nap, I rarely nap and I'm not sure if I'm still tired from the Ouachita Challenge last weekend combined with the 3.5hrs of riding I did before we headed in to Houston, or the fact that I ate my bodyweight in Pierson BBQ. While I was napping, the boys put in some hardcore playground time, the image above is Evan catching his breath in between acrobatic playground moves, looking for his next playground trick.

DSC_2377eggsThis morning, of course, consisted of the "Easter Bunny was HERE!!!!" and so the boys scrambled all over the house finding carefully stashed chocolate goodies. They were both pretty excited about how much they could find and sat around after the hunt counting and organizing.

Doreen's heading off for a ride pretty soon and I'll squeeze one in later today. Now begins the long march towards the summer races. My BCBR partner has been trg like a fiend, Dave is super fit right now and getting set up for an 8hr solo coming up soon. I don't want to let him down, so I'm keeping the pressure on myself so we can meet our race goals - dominating our competition. ;-)

Speaking of competition, I took a look at the Ouachita Challenge results that came out a couple of days ago. Stripping out the time I spent carrying my bike due to flat tires I would have done pretty good. My PowerTap shows time spent racing and that time would have given me an approx 6th place finish in the 80mile Open class. I'm pretty happy with that time, the guys in the top 5 are all big dogs so I'm in good company. Despite having to carry my bike for well over an hour, at the end of the race I was still ready to keep racing and figure I could have done another 80miles, maybe that would have moved me up in the standings. ;-)

I'm not sure how many racers would have been up for another 80mile lap, as it turns out there were 95 racers in the 80mile Open and 2/3rds of them did not finish. It would be interesting (to me at least) how many would finish a 160mile course. I suppose that kind of racing isn't for everybody, just like short distance cross-country mtb racing isn't really my style of racing.

One week after the Ouachita Challenge and I'm already thinking about doing it next year, it's a fun and challenging course and I want the chance to run a flat-free race to reflect an appropriate finish time. Maybe a year from now I'll be a bit fitter and get a top five? I'll mark it on the calendar.

Enough about racing, I'm heading off for a coffee.