Apr 24, 2009

Humpty Dumpty


It was bound to happen sooner or later, the effects of daily coffee routine has finally taken it's toll.

During an espresso session with John and Paul this morning I clumsily dropped another glass onto this little 2oz cup, which was sitting on the warming tray of the espresso machine. It knocked the handle right off. I have four of these 2oz cups and four of the 4oz cups, all matching, purchased in a little marketplace in Hanoi over 2yrs ago. All eight of these cups are irreplaceable in my opinion, mainly due to the emotional connection of the initial purchase and living with them daily. Funny how a small cup that cost me approx 25 cents can be worth so much more.

The Krazy Glue solution went into effect 5mins ago, hopefully the cup will stand the test of time some more. One of these days a cup might meet enough of a disastrous fate that I'll have to fly back to Hanoi to get a replacement. Not a bad idea. ;-)


John F said...

Odds vs. fate is a funny thing...

I'm glad I didn't break it but now I am really leaning on the old saying that "the dice have no memory".

I hope it's true because I can't go to Vietnam. :o

Shaun Taylor said...

You'll just have to look for a seat sale. ;-)