Apr 25, 2009

The mud bike

IMG_0368mudtireI'm pretty much maxed out on how much more time I can spend on a trainer late at night, or riding on flat hot roads stretching out in a shimmery mirage of heat all the while ducking traffic. The complete void of hills and mountain bike options here in Sugar Land and surrounding area are starting to wear me down. And so yesterday I went out for several hours to see if I could find ANYTHING that remotely resembled a fun trail. I found myself riding down levees and dirt roads just to see where they went, intentionally getting lost just to try and introduce a new view. Eventually I just ended up in a muddy swamp at the end of a going nowhere dirt trail. Look real close and you might be able to see my tire underneath all that mud.

I've known it for quite a while but I thought I would make one last ditch effort before coming to the final conclusion that I really am doomed to hot flat road riding and lots of time on the trainer in front of the TV. It probably sounds like I'm whining (well I am a bit).

I will admit I enjoy the challenge of trg for mtb racing here; no trails, no elevation, no technical riding = the worst possible conditions for competitive mtb trg.

Trg in a mountain biking free zone sucks. I think I take a somewhat perverse satisfaction in being able to hold my own against racers who live close to mountain bike trails. One things for sure, this summer while I'm racing on real mountain bike trails, on actual mountains, I'm going to be soaking it all up because the experience has to last a long time after we return to the reality of a mountain bike free zone.


Philip said...

Yep, being in sugar land is tough, plus our few trails that are nearby are underwater and unrideable right now.

If you do find a trail nearer to sugar land let us know, I will be out there.

Any news on the new trail out at Sugar Land Memorial Park, still looking at september for it opening?

Shaun Taylor said...

I haven't heard anything about the trail recently. Part of this mud ride was spent banging around the SL Memorial Park looking for a trail, any trail, but I didn't see anything.