It's starting to sink in... Eight hours and twenty two minutes of driving time.

I suppose I could have said 8:22 driving time, but that really wouldn't have made it seem long enough.

Luckily, I'll get to practice for another eight hours and twenty two minutes coming back the same way.

Seventeen hours of driving in less than forty eight hours. Good times.


leonsrocketcar said...

No sure why you just didn't ride your SJ up there as it would only take 8 days and 22 hours one way and surely that is good training for the upcoming BC ride!

Shaun Taylor said...

Good idea.

In fact, if you can arrange it with Doreen I'd like to ride my Stumpie up to the BC Bike race. Let me know how you make out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looking good bro.

Paul Bonner says hi.

Family looks great.

All the best.

Nick in Ottawa