May 26, 2009

100 Miles of Nowhere

DSC_2767trainerSo, let's recap the weekend. Saturday was a fast 1hr lap at the race course in Comfort, TX. Then Sunday I got in a reasonably fast 5hrs of competitive mountain bike racing on the same course. Monday back in Sugar Land I got out on the road bike and put in a couple of hours around the area but the 100 degree temps were drowning me in my own sweat and the fun factor was diminishing. So I made the executive decision to head for home and put another 40mins on the CompuTrainer in the ice-creamishly cool luxury of air conditioning. Good enough for about 50miles - those 50miles are key to the rest of this story.

After hopping off the bike I caught up on a few things online reading some of the sites I follow and ended up at and while catching up I watched this great video which is part of the 100 Miles of Nowhere project. It made me laugh, and I knew I had been hooked, like a willing fish. Doreen asked what I was laughing about and within a few minutes I proclaimed "that's it then, I'm gonna do it tonight". It was nearly 8pm, I made a small donation to Fat Cyclist's Livestrong Challenge fight against cancer page to make it official and since everyone in the event had to come up with their own race category I figured I would join the event under the category of 'Spur of the moment effort and get in 150miles for the day Division'.


I headed off to the video store to get something to keep me sane while pounding out the hours on the CompuTrainer. I figured it would have been cheating if I counted any of the 50miles I'd done earlier in the day so I decided I would start from scratch, yeah that's right, mile zero was going to begin at 10pm as the rest of the household slept soundly in their beds.

Was it hard? Yup. All the usual thoughts (non-thoughts?) rumble around in your head while spending hours on the trainer. At some point you just want to stop, because it's hard, things like the extra 50miles already done earlier in the day start to creep in. But, it was kind of cool to know a bunch of other people spread all over the Internet-world were stepping up and getting the job done. At the 70mile mark when I got off the bike to lay on the floor in a pool of sweat I got a bit of a laugh out loud thinking about the video from the fellas in London.


Back on the bike with 30miles left, I got in some more laughs combined with some head shaking. As you get closer to finishing the level of math solving increases "if I keep up this speed I could be finished by 4:35am", or "geez, I'm slowing down, now it's gonna be closer to 4:45am", lots and lots and lots and lots of math.


100.22 miles later at 4:41am I got off the bike. Done. What a night.

Would I do it again? Yup, in a heartbeat, I'm just bummed I didn't sign up for the event a couple of weeks ago so I could get a '100 Miles of Nowhere' race t-shirt (if there is such a thing) or come up with something a bit more creative like riding the 100 Miles of Nowhere in a tiny parking lot, or in a closet (kidding). And what did I learn from Nowhere riding... it's good to be able to ride my bike Somewhere, Anywhere, rather than Nowhere.

Thanks to for inspiring me to climb back on my bike last night.