May 6, 2009

The Circus

DSC_2480keeganA week or so ago we went to the Shriner's Circus out near Richmond. The boys liked it as there was so much to watch. I had lots to shoot with the Nikon and with poor lighting, fast movement and handheld it made for some challenging photography.

I had the SB-600 mounted on the Nikon using manual settings and zoomed in to its tightest cone pattern in order to reach out to the circus ring for fill. Keegan got the good fortune of sitting next to me while I shot and in this image where you can see me trying to capture his fascination with the lion act I nearly gave him sunburn from the flash. ;-)

Both boys got a laugh out of the clowns shooting an imaginary clown out of the cannon, just look for the pajamas.



Yup, he's on a motorbike, hahaha!