The Sugar Land Criterium is in it's second year and it's a great event. Since this really isn't my kind of thing I spent the entire day at the races just watching, taking photos and talking with people. I'm already looking forward to seeing it again next year, it really is a good time. I've posted up 30 images on my Flickr account, here's some of my favorites...

The first race started at 0700hrs so the lighting was a bit tough.


A nice shot of Clark out of the saddle.


A bit later in the day, getting ready on the line and a nice start to the Cat 3/4 race.



I like this shot a lot, if you look closely you can see the sweat on the leg, it was a hot and humid day.


The boys were out there watching the races and actually did a kids race as well.


Keegan was outgunned on his training wheels, but still having fun.


Evan was outgunned as the smallest kid in his category with the smallest wheels, he's not used to that. ;-)

So here's a shot of me clicking buttons instead of racing (thx for the image Gregg). I'm representing a little bit, if you look closely I think you can see mud from the Arkansas race still on my mountain bike shoes.


For the rest of the crit images you can go to the Flickr set located here, hope you enjoy them. Circle this event on your calendar, it's a great day!