On Saturday, we loaded up the bikes and headed for Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, TX. By the time we got up there we had eaten BBQ in Sealy and driven through a major storm. Shortly after arriving we got the pit setup and Doreen headed out for a 2hr ride. I hung out with the boys and threw sticks, kicked a soccer ball around and generally chatted with other riders who were also setting up.

When Doreen got back there was only an hour of light left so I jumped on my bike and tore off a quick 58min lap on the lower loop (I modified it a bit shorter than the race loop to have enough light to still see where I was going). I felt great on the bike, so good that the ride was worth a million bucks.

IMG_0423coffeeThe next morning I deviated from my normal race routine since I wasn't that serious about race day and brewed up a cup of coffee 45mins before the race start. It was a pourover Kenya Makwa AA I had roasted a couple of days prior and it was deelish. As I stood on the start line I could feel the Makwa coursing through my system and upon the verbal "GO!" I was keen to jump off the line and see who was up for swallowing some race pace. Within a minute or two a gap was formed with just three of us off the front. Within 20mins or so both guys dropped off and I proceeded to put my head down and turn up the heat some more so I could make a gap stick and then I could get on with riding a fun pace by myself, not having to concern myself with anyone on my wheel. Once a good gap was formed I settled down into my 12hr pace and started soaking up the course, I didn't feel the first 26miles at all, things felt really good and was having a blast on the bike. The 26mile lap got completed in a touch under 2.5hrs and I was ready for more. The second lap felt equally as good, in fact it felt a bit better as the course was drying up and my body had settled into its all day groove. After 52miles I came through the timing tent at just under 5hrs of racing. The timing tent showed I had a 30min lead on second place and about 45mins on 3rd place, so I made an instant decision to stop racing and let Doreen know she could go out for a lap on her bike. If Doreen's having fun, I'm having fun. ;-)

My strategy was Doreen would take about 90mins on course and that would put me far enough back in the standings that I would have to work hard to get back up to the lead again (if at all possible) that would get me chasing people down and would make things kind of fun. Overall, a pretty good plan.

Doreen headed out and about 80mins later the sky's opened up with thunder and lightning and rain. It was at that point I called it a day, racing on that course when it's wet wasn't my idea of smart, so I opened up a big bag of potato chips and proceeded to kick it back and goof off for the rest of the day. Doreen got back to the pit, missing the bulk of the storm and we spent the next few hours hanging out with visitors in our pit. Once the rain settled down we packed up and headed home, hitting a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio for good measure. We landed on the driveway just before midnight. 6hrs of fun in Comfort made the trip worthwhile for me. The boys had fun, Doreen had fun, I had fun - Mission accomplished.

It looks like a road ride today to make up for some of the hours I didn't get to do on race day. That's fine by me, my iPod is fully charged and I feel like riding. ;-)


fuzz said...

Shaun,good to see you out at Comfort this weekend, sorry we did not get a chance to chat. Good luck at the Worlds and your move back to Canada.


Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Greg, we made a scramble decision to pack up real fast and head back home in order to miss the rain. It didn't leave much time to wander around and hang out with other racers.

Trust you had a good time at the event, I really enjoy that course and the cool grassroots riding/racing vibe.

Fingers crossed I get to do it again next year. ;-)