I hopped on my mountain bike a couple of days ago and as soon as I got going I realized my PowerTap head unit couldn't find the hub. Huh?

No big deal I thought, it's probably just the hub batteries needing a change since the head unit seemed to have lots of juice and things had been working fine the day before when I took it out for a road ride. I pulled the batteries and replaced them with new ones, uhmmmmm, no luck. I confirmed it wasn't a battery or battery module issue by pulling the working module out of my road bike PowerTap hub and putting it in the mtb hub, uhmmmmm, no luck. Firmware upgrade, check and uhmmmm, no luck. A bunch of other things, uhmmmmm, no luck. It seems the PowerTap hub just died and I'm not sure why.

After a couple of calls to Saris and a day of trouble shooting I shipped the wheel complete to Saris this morning, uhmmmmmmm, $32 lighter in the wallet. I had planned on racing with the PT next weekend at the 12hr Guts & Glory solo, maybe it will get back in time?

DSC_2741PowerPowerTap internal

As a public service announcement I'm including these couple of images showing which way the batteries face when replacing them. I couldn't find any good ones out there so hopefully this helps someone else.



steevo said...

As soon as I took them out I thought "i should have taken a picture of that".... Who would think that the + and - would be wrong?!?!

Anyway, I owe you a handshake. Thanks, you made my day much easier.

matt said...

thanks - forgot to note which way the batteries were when I took them out. look me up and I'll by you a beer you're ever in town.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great job with the photos. I would have expected Saris to have that battery +/- info on their site but nope.